About us

Dioxitek S.A. was created by the National Executive Power in 1997. At present, the Secretary of Energy exercises 51% of the Social Capital, 48% holds the National Atomic Energy Commission, while the Government of the Province of Mendoza is the owner of the 1% remaining.

Our activities are of significant importance for the welfare of the population, generating inputs used both for health and for the national electricity system. For this we have two industrial plants that carry out different processes to achieve our goal: actively contribute to the development of our country, benefiting millions of Argentines.


We are committed to being an example ofcomplete and transparent management;living an organizational culture where thesecurity integral and the environmental care they are absolutely priority; using with efficiency and austerity the available resources; maximizing the generation of economic and social value; orienting ourselves tomeeting the needs of our customers; working in teams and with professionalism, in a healthy work environment.

Know How

90% of the value added to our products corresponds to the technology and know-how of our people, making our company a clear example of the level of excellence achieved by the Argentine nuclear sector.